Sayaka Suzuki
Sayaka Suzuki PIC
Japanese Seiyū Kayo Sakata
English Voice ActorMonica Rial

Sayaka Suzuki is considered the "good girl" of the class, who usually gets taken advantage of because of her giving and devoted personality. Though her classmates often send her on errands and menial tasks, she says she does not mind it. In one episode where she is happily riding with a person in a convertible, the 1-C girls assume that she has a boyfriend, but it turns out to be Miss Igarashi, the teacher of class 1-A, whom she admires.

Sayaka's nickname is Number Six (6号 Roku-gō?). In the anime, the aliens postulate that it was given to her by her drunken father because she was the sixth-born child in her family. The manga explains the origin of her nickname to be from Igarashi as Sayaka was the sixth Suzuki to attend the school. Sometimes Becky refers to Sayaka as "big ribbon" or "over-sized" due to her hairstyle - giant pigtails tied with two large white ribbons. In the anime, she has a catchphrase where she calls someone or something "the ~~ of the year", for example, "Miss Miyamoto, you're the teacher of the year", or "Miss Miyamoto, you're the walking encyclopedia of the year".